What You Can Do If You’re Injured in a Car Accident

When we’re driving, we trust that we will be safe on the road and that our cars are strong enough to protect us. That’s why a car accident is such a shock to the system. There’s the immediate shock of the impact, the damage to the car and the physical injury to yourself. On top of that, there are the hidden costs of car accidents.


There is the financial fallout, from days missed at work, medical bills, and repairs to your car if your insurance doesn’t cover them. You may experience lingering pain or discomfort from injuries you may have suffered. Above all, there’s the psychological trauma. You may experience flashbacks to the accident, bad dreams, or a sense of depression and hopelessness. Some people also find it very difficult to return to driving after an accident, which can impact on your professional, working and social life.


Approaching Your Solicitor

If you’ve had a car accident and you’re still feeling the after effects, then you deserve to be compensated for that trauma. Claiming for compensation isn’t about ripping people off. It’s a way of softening the blow, of recognising the effect that this traumatic event has had on you. Mullins & Treacy LLP Solicitors will help you navigate the legal process and to reach a fair settlement that will give you peace of mind.


We know that it’s difficult to think of details or admin when you’re in shock after an accident, but we would urge you to make an appointment with one of Mullins & Treacy’s solicitors as soon as possible after the accident happens. The sooner you begin your claim, the more likely you are to receive the compensation you deserve.


When you come to your first appointment with Mullins & Treacy, we guarantee that you will be treated with compassion and respect. We will gather all the details about your accident and explain the process that we will undertake to ensure your claim is successful. We will also save you the hassle of trying to gather evidence to back up your claim, including CCTV footage, accident reports, witness statements and medical reports. We will also obtain a medical report from your treating doctor, which will prove that the accident had an adverse effect on your health.


Processing Your Claim

When we’ve gathered all the evidence which is required, we will lodge your claim with the PIAB. You are free to lodge a claim yourself, but if you decide to allow Mullins & Treacy to represent you, we’ll be able to read all the small print and help you to decide whether to accept the settlement you are offered. The PIAB then makes contact with the body you are lodging the claim against, which is known as a respondent. This is usually an insurance company representing other people who were involved in your car accident.


The respondent will then decide to accept or reject the claim. If they accept, the PIAB calculates a settlement figure, based on the evidence presented to them. We can guide you as to whether the settlement you are being offered is a fair one. If you decide the settlement figure is fair, that’s a happy outcome for all of us. If not, then we will represent your interests in court.



Context for High Compensation Claims

Whiplash is one of the most common personal injuries people experience as a result of a car accident. Also known as soft tissue damage, it accounts for 80% of all personal injury claims arising from car accidents. No doubt you’ve seen all the media coverage about the settlements paid out to people who have experienced whiplash as a result of a car accident, which can be up to five times the international average. We at Mullins & Treacy want to reassure you that claiming for whiplash doesn’t make you part of a rip-off culture.


We would also like to provide some context for the high compensation claims you may have heard about. Irish compensation settlements for whiplash factor in psychological trauma, while UK and international jurisdictions do not. The Irish system gives recognition to the fact that the damage caused by an injury goes far beyond the physical. Mullins & Treacy’s top priority is to help you win the compensation you deserve, compensation that accurately reflects the impact that an injury like whiplash can have on your life.


If you’ve been affected by whiplash or any other injury as a result of a car accident, please don’t be afraid to approach Mullins & Treacy. We’re here and we understand.


We are client focused and results driven. If you have had an accident and want to explore the possibility of lodging a personal injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help. Give us a call on 051 391 488 or email reception@mullinstreacy.iefor a no obligation discussion about how we can help you.


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