What’s involved in selling a probate property in Ireland

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Selling a probate property in Ireland

This is a process that involves specific legal requirements and considerations to ensure a successful and legally sound transaction.

When a loved one passes away, their estate, including any property they own, may need to be administered and distributed to beneficiaries according to their wishes or the laws of intestacy.

Executors or administrators appointed to oversee the estate must navigate the complexities of selling a probate property, from obtaining the necessary legal authority to managing the sale process.

In this guide, we will explore the steps involved in selling a probate property in Ireland and highlight the importance of seeking professional guidance to ensure compliance with legal requirements and achieve a smooth transaction.

Selling a probate property in Ireland involves navigating specific legal and procedural steps.

Here’s a guide on how to sell a probate property in Ireland:

Obtain Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration: Before selling the property, you need to obtain a Grant of Probate if there is a valid will or Letters of Administration if there is no will. These legal documents authorise the executor or administrator to manage the deceased person’s estate, including selling property.

Gather Documentation: As the executor or administrator, gather essential documentation related to the property, including the title deed, property tax records, mortgage documents, and any other relevant paperwork. You may also need to obtain a valuation of the property to determine its market value.

Notification to Beneficiaries: Notify all beneficiaries of the estate about the intent to sell the property. Keep them informed throughout the process and ensure transparency to avoid any potential disputes later on.

List the Property: Once you have the necessary legal documents and documentation, you can list the property for sale. Consider working with a solicitor or a real estate agent experienced in probate property sales to guide you through the process.

Advertise the Property: Market the property to potential buyers, disclosing its probate status upfront. Consider using traditional real estate channels such as listings in newspapers, online platforms, and signage, as well as targeting specific audiences through probate property specialists or auctioneers.

Obtain Offers: Once the property is listed, you’ll start receiving offers from interested buyers. Review each offer carefully, considering factors such as the offer price, terms, and buyer’s financing contingency.

Accept an Offer: After evaluating the offers received, accept the one that best meets your needs and objectives. Work with your solicitor or real estate agent to negotiate any necessary terms or contingencies and ensure that the transaction progresses smoothly.

Conveyancing Process: Engage a solicitor experienced in conveyancing to handle the legal aspects of the property sale. Your solicitor will draft the contract for sale, manage the exchange of contracts between buyer and seller, and ensure all legal requirements are met.

Closing the Sale: Once all conditions and legal requirements are satisfied, the sale can proceed to closing. Your solicitor will oversee the transfer of title, the exchange of funds, and the completion of all necessary paperwork.

Distribute Proceeds: After closing, the sale proceeds will be distributed according to the terms of the will or the laws of intestacy if there is no will. Your solicitor will ensure that all debts, taxes, and expenses are settled, and the remaining proceeds are distributed to the beneficiaries of the estate.


In conclusion, Mullins Treacy LLP Solicitors are dedicated to providing invaluable support and expertise to individuals navigating the complexities of selling a probate property in Ireland.

With our deep understanding of probate law and extensive experience in property transactions, our team offers tailored guidance and assistance at every stage of the process, helping you navigate the complexities of selling a probate property with confidence.

From obtaining Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration to managing the sale transaction, we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive legal support to navigate the legal requirements and challenges involved.

With Mullins Treacy LLP Solicitors, you can trust in our commitment to protecting your interests and facilitating a smooth and successful sale of probate property.

Ultimately, a well-executed sale ensures that the deceased person’s estate is administered properly, beneficiaries receive their entitlements, and the property is transferred to new owners in accordance with the law.

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