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The importance of communication in medical negligence cases

image of daughters supporting mother The importance of communication in medical negligence cases for Mullins & Treacy LLP Solicitors

When we take our client’s instructions in relation to a possible medical negligence case, we understand the importance and relevance of optimal communication.

Sharing sensitive personal information

We understand that it can be a difficult step for a new client to share sensitive personal information about their health with us or third parties. Whilst a new client is sharing their sensitive information with us, we always aim to be caring and take time to listen to their story.

We find that balanced communication with our clients leads to a greater understanding of the issues involved.We place an emphasis on working together to find solutions.

Whilst our clients have the lived experience of their injury or injuries we, in turn, have the experience and knowledge of the complex process involved in carrying out an investigation into the treatment and care received. We help to weave the two strands of information together and present it to our client in a simple structured way.

Many of our clients are e-patients.

They are engaged, enabled, empowered, educated on their condition and use electronic means to communicate with us and others.

In many of our cases, this translates as a form of joint patient advocacy as many patients are already representing themselves in the healthcare complaints process which is separate to the process for bringing a medical negligence case. We can also help to guide our clients through the healthcare complaints process.

Yet, we are aware of the digital divide and understand that not all of our clients can advocate for their own rights as a patient or for a family member for many different reasons or have access to the Internet, computers and smartphones.

Our team is there to support all of our clients with the steps involved in bringing a medical negligence case.

We endeavour to put a communication plan in place with our clients at the start of every medical negligence case so that our clients are fully informed about their case on their legal journey.

We enable and empower our clients to make informed choices, help people to access the information they need and to understand the options open to them at every stage of their medical negligence case. We find that this approach helps to build trust, confidence and transparency in the service that we provide, with our solicitors and the wider team.

Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021–2030

Our firm supports the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021–2030 which envisions a world in which no one is harmed in health care, and every patient receives safe and respectful care, every time, everywhere by driving forward policies, strategies and actions, based on science, patient experience, system design and partnerships, to eliminate all sources of avoidable risk and harm to patients and health workers.

Nóirín O’Neill, Associate Litigation Solicitor is an LL.B Law graduate from Trinity College Dublin (1997) and recently graduated from University of Ulster, with an MSc in PR and Health Communication (2021). Nóirín is also trained in Trauma Informed Practice and Adverse Incidents.

Nóirín is recognised as a Patient Advocate at local, national, European and international level.

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