What to do if injured in a Public Place

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What to do if injured in a public place

If you’re injured in a public place, you should report the accident, take photos of the scene and get the contact details of any witnesses. Then, you should speak to our personal injury solicitors about making a public place claim – also known as a public liability claim.

Steps to take after a public place accident

Roads, parks, cycle paths, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and hotels: these are all areas that the public has access to, and they all pose risks. If these risks aren’t properly managed, then it can result in a member of the public suffering an injury. If this has happened to you or your child, here’s what you need to do.

If you do not need emergency medical treatment for your injuries, you should:

  1. Take photos of the scene of the accident – almost everyone has a camera phone these days which comes in very handy for this sort of situation. Take photos of the scene of the accident from different angles. These photos can be used as evidence to show what caused your injuries.
  2. Report the accident – the way you go about reporting your accident will vary depending on where the incident occurred. If you were injured on a business premises, such as a supermarket or hotel, tell a member of staff that you want to report an accident to the manager. An official accident report should be filed. If you were injured in an area maintained by the local authority, you should report the accident to the council instead.
  3. Speak to witnesses – did anyone else see the accident happen? If so, get their names and contact details, be it an email address or a phone number. You might want these witnesses to corroborate your version of events at a later date, especially if you make a personal injury claim.
  4. Get medical attention – get medical attention whether you think you need it or not. This is for your best interests, as it ensures you are properly diagnosed and treated. It also helps your claim, should you choose to make one in the future. Your medical records can be used as evidence, establishing a link between the accident and your injuries.
  5. Keep all your receipts and records – if you spend or lose any money because of your accident, keep all the receipts and a record of your losses. If you make a personal injury claim, these losses can be recovered in your settlement.
  6. Speak to our personal injury solicitors – when you feel able, contact our personal injury solicitors for advice about your options. It could be that those responsible for the premises/area failed to take reasonable steps to keep you safe. If so, you could have grounds to make a claim.

Speak to our personal injury solicitors Waterford

It can be hard to know who’s responsible for your accident, and whether you could take legal action against those at fault. We can answer all your questions. Contact us and tell us about your public place accident. Afterwards, we’ll tell you if you’re eligible to make a claim. We are client focused and results driven.

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