Probate Solicitors Waterford

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Probate Solicitors Waterford

If Probate is needed following your loved one’s death, you have two options: handle the Probate and estate administration process yourself, or ask a Probate solicitor to do it for you.

If you would like a helping hand with the Probate application, the estate administration, or both, our solicitors are ready and willing to assist.

Do I need a Probate solicitor?

When someone dies, it is sometimes necessary to go through a process called Probate. This involves getting a Grant of Representation from the Probate Office. Without this Grant, no one is allowed to access the deceased’s assets, leaving them in limbo. But once a Grant is obtained, those responsible for winding up the deceased’s affairs can sell their property, pay their debts and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.

What many people don’t realise at the outset is that getting a Grant and administering an estate is a lot of work, especially if the estate is large or complicated. That is why Probate solicitors exist. A Probate solicitor can take all the work off your hands. You don’t have to use a solicitor, but you can if you want to. Getting help from a legal professional makes your life easier, speeds up the process and minimises the chance of mistakes being made.

What do our Probate solicitors do?

So, what do our Probate solicitors actually do for you? That really depends on the level of service you want from us. We can:

Check whether Probate is needed following a death – this isn’t always clear, as it all depends on the value of the deceased’s assets, and the way in which these assets were held. We can confirm once and for all whether Probate is necessary.

Calculate the value of the deceased’s estate – we’ll need some information from you first, after which we can contact all the organisations the deceased held assets/debts with. We will inform them of the death and ask for a final balance. We can also organise professional valuations for property and other possessions. Then, we can calculate the value of the estate at the time of death.

Calculate whether Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is payable – known in other countries as inheritance tax. If CAT is due, we will work out exactly how much you have to pay and advise you on how to fulfil this payment.

Complete the Probate application – when we’ve done all of the above, we can fill out the Probate forms and submit a complete application to the Probate Office.

Administer the estate – once a Grant has been issued, the estate can be administered. We can also help you through this process. This involves gathering in the assets and paying off the deceased’s debts. It may also involve selling or transferring property, locating beneficiaries and providing notice to creditors. Finally, we will prepare the estate accounts and distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries named in the Will, or as set out under the Succession Act.

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If your loved one has recently died and want help with Probate and/or the estate administration, please contact us at Mullins & Treacy LLP Solicitors. We have offices in County Waterford and County Tipperary, but through the use of technology can act for clients across Ireland. Property solicitors Waterford

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