Wills Solicitors Waterford: A Step by Step Guide to Our Service

picture of elderly couple making a will by Mullins & Treacy LLP Solicitors Waterford

Wills Solicitors Waterford: A Step by Step Guide to Our Service. Lots of people defer making a Will because they think it’s going to be a long and complicated process. In actual fact, our Will writing service is simple and straightforward.

How our Will writing service works

With our Wills solicitors, you can get a watertight Will that fulfils all your wishes in four easy steps.

  1. You contact our Wills solicitors Waterford

Firstly, contact our Wills solicitors for an initial enquiry. We’ll discuss your needs with you, explaining how we can help and what the cost will be. If you want to proceed, we will book an appointment with you. This will likely take place over the phone or in-person at one of our offices. You’ll need to make some important decisions in advance of this appointment, including who you want to inherit from your estate and in what proportion. We’ll explain all this when you contact us, ensuring you are completely prepared.

  1. We have a Will writing appointment with you

During the Will writing appointment we’ll go through your wishes in detail. If there’s anything that you’re not sure about, we’ll be here to answer your questions. For example, you might be concerned about providing for vulnerable beneficiaries. If so, we might suggest that you incorporate a Trust into your Will. We are highly experienced Wills solicitors. You can rest assured that we have the expertise needed to advise you, no matter how complex your estate or family situation might be.

  1. We draft your Will

Next, we use the information you have provided to draft a Will. We’ll send this draft to you for review. If there are any errors or omissions, you simply need to tell us and we’ll amend the document as necessary. Your Will is tailor-made to you, and we will apply our legal knowledge to ensure your wishes are fulfilled. Wills are complex legal documents, so by using a solicitor, you can be confident that your Will is legally valid. You can also be certain that there won’t be any unforeseen consequences, such as certain people being accidentally disinherited.

  1. You sign and date your Will

Once you are happy with the contents of your Will, we’ll advise you exactly how to ‘execute’ it. This means signing and dating it in front of two witnesses. There are very specific rules to follow. For instance, your witnesses cannot stand to benefit under the terms of your Will. Otherwise, that particular gift could fail after your death. Our solicitors will walk you through the process, ensuring you avoid any mistakes that could render your Will legally invalid.

Contact our Wills Solicitors Waterford

If you would like to make a Will, or you would simply like more information about our Will writing service, contact us for a no-obligation initial enquiry. We are client focused and results driven.

Call us on 051 391 488 or email reception@mullinstreacy.ie for a free no obligation enquiry. We are client focused and results driven.

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