Why Make a Will

Why Make a Will?

There are a number of very good reasons to make a Will. If you have not yet made a Will, please read on to discover why it is so important. Then contact us at Mullins & Treacy LLP Solicitors to discuss your needs.

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Reasons to make a Will

Here are six reasons to make a Will –

  1. To control who inherits your assets

If you do not make a Will, the state decides how your assets are distributed after your death. It does not matter if you have expressed certain wishes in your lifetime – they will not count, unless you have a legally valid Will in place. This means the wrong people could inherit from your estate.

  1. To provide for unmarried partners

This is particularly problematic for unmarried partners who are not automatically entitled to an inheritance. Even if you have been with your partner for 20 years, the law does not recognise their right to a share of your estate. Unless you make a Will, your partner will be left with nothing.

  1. To protect children and vulnerable beneficiaries

Where appropriate, you can incorporate trusts into your Will. There are different types of trust and they each serve a different purpose. Often, they are used to protect children and vulnerable beneficiaries, such as those with disabilities. With a trust, you can safeguard a beneficiary’s inheritance, ensuring they are provided for in the years to come.

  1. To choose legal guardians for your children

If you have children, you can use your Will to nominate legal guardians. These people will be responsible for your children’s upbringing, should they lose both parents before their 18th birthday. If you do not make your wishes legally binding in a Will and your children are orphaned, the state must select legal guardians instead.

  1. To choose your own executors

A Will also enables you to choose your own executors. These are the people who apply for probate and wind up your affairs after your death. If you die intestate, meaning without a valid Will, responsibility falls to your next of kin. This might not be the person you would ordinarily have chosen.

  1. To avoid inheritance disputes

When you write a Will with the help of a legal professional, you are setting out your wishes in no uncertain terms. This provides clarity for everyone, helping to minimise inheritance disputes following your death. Without such instructions, inheritance disputes may arise. These can be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

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