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Medical Negligence Solicitors Waterford

If you are affected by medical negligence in Ireland, you are entitled to make a medical negligence claim. This allows you to recover damages for your pain, suffering and financial losses. How do I prove medical negligence in Ireland? Medical negligence is when someone is injured because of substandard medical care. If you been harmed […]


The Dangers of DIY Wills

You are allowed to make your own Will in Ireland – but there are dangers of doing it yourself. Even a seemingly minor mistake can invalidate the entire Will, making the document completely futile. Common pitfalls of homemade Wills There are two overarching reasons why homemade Wills are often problematic: The execution of the Will […]

Can You Buy a Property Without a Solicitor?

You must instruct a conveyancing solicitor if you buy a property with a mortgage in Ireland. It is a common requirement stipulated by mortgage lenders. Buying with a mortgage? You’ll need a solicitor We understand that buying a property is expensive. You might be looking for ways to save money. There are lots of costs […]

Can Passengers Make Personal Injury Claims?

Can Passengers Make Personal Injury Claims? Passengers who are injured in accidents are allowed to make a personal injury claim. This ensures you get all the legal remedies and compensation you’re entitled to. Where a child is injured, a claim is usually brought on the child’s behalf by a parent or legal guardian. Passenger injury […]

What to do if injured in a Public Place

What to do if injured in a public place If you’re injured in a public place, you should report the accident, take photos of the scene and get the contact details of any witnesses. Then, you should speak to our personal injury solicitors about making a public place claim – also known as a public […]

Probate Solicitors Waterford

Probate Solicitors Waterford If Probate is needed following your loved one’s death, you have two options: handle the Probate and estate administration process yourself, or ask a Probate solicitor to do it for you. If you would like a helping hand with the Probate application, the estate administration, or both, our solicitors are ready and […]

How Do I Choose a Solicitor When Buying a House?

How do you decide on a solicitor when buying a property? How do you decide on a solicitor when buying a property? There are so many to choose from across Ireland, and it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for a conveyancing solicitor, here are some things to consider – […]

Can I Transfer Ownership of a Property During My Lifetime?

Can I Transfer Ownership of a Property During My Lifetime? You can transfer part (or all) of your property to another person during your lifetime with a voluntary transfer. This differs to selling because no money is exchanged. There could be tax implications, so you must get professional advice first. What is a voluntary transfer? […]

How Often Should I Update My Will?

How Often Should I Update My Will? You should update your Will after any major life event, such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child or the death of an heir. You should also review your Will at least every five years to make sure the current version still aligns with your wishes. If […]